Cheap Hotels in Laurinburg NC: 3 Great Deals for Thrifty Travelers

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1. Overview of Cheap Hotels In Laurinburg NC

Now, let’s dive into some real talk about finding cheap hotels in Laurinburg. Ever booked a hotel that promised more dazzle than it delivered? Here, we keep it honest by highlighting the best value-for-money spots, and I'll walk you through both the highs and lows. After all, nobody wants to end up in a hotel that makes you wish you’d brought your own pillow, right?

Ah, Laurinburg, North Carolina — a small town with charm big enough to rival any of its more bustling neighbors. Whether you're a history buff, culture seeker, or outdoor enthusiast, this place packs a punch.

Cheap Hotels In Laurinburg Nc
Cheap Hotels In Laurinburg Nc

Booking early is your best bet to snag a deal. Picture this: saving up to 50% just by planning ahead. It’s like finding an extra twenty in your jeans pocket — a sweet surprise that keeps on giving. Especially during Laurinburg's peak seasons, like during the Scottish Festival, when the town comes alive with kilts and bagpipes, you’ll want to secure your spot before they all scoot off.

So, if you're hunting for ‘Cheap Hotels in Laurinburg NC‘, don't just skim through; read on for the inside scoop. I'm confident you'll find the perfect place to hang your hat.

Remember, the best hotel for you isn’t always the one with the most stars, but the one that best fits your needs and budget. And speaking of needs, let's not forget that all travelers are different.

Traveling with the fam? Look for family-friendly amenities like pools, playgrounds, and restaurants that won't frown at a little mess. In town for business? A hotel with a solid business center and high-speed internet might just be your ticket.

So there you have it, folks — your guide to keeping it classy on a budget in Laurinburg. Whether you’re here to explore the historic sites or enjoy some of the local color, you can do so without emptying your wallet. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? In Laurinburg, you can definitely do both.

2. Holiday Inn Express & Suites Laurinburg, an IHG Hotel

If you're road-tripping through North Carolina and search cheap hotels in Laurinburg NC, trust me, sometimes a classic chain like the Holiday Inn Express® Hotel & Suites is just the ticket. This place has everything you need for a comfortable, wallet-friendly stay, plus easy access to all the quirky charm Laurinburg has to offer.

Location, Location, Location (and Affordability!)

Let's talk practicality: this hotel's location is a winner. Right off the highway and super close to the Laurinburg-Maxton Airport – perfect for weary travelers! Plus, it's surprisingly affordable. Score one for saving those extra bucks for exploring all the fun things to do in Laurinburg NC.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Laurinburg, an IHG Hotel
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Laurinburg, an IHG Hotel

Creature Comforts and Southern Hospitality

After a long day, their pool is a lifesaver, and the fitness center helps work off those inevitable road trip snacks. Oh, and major bonus: they're pet-friendly, which is always a win in my book (my pup definitely agrees!). The staff here, especially Jonathan and Lindsey, are genuinely welcoming, making the whole experience feel a little more homey.

Okay, Maybe Not the Ritz…

Full transparency: the area surrounding the hotel isn't exactly bustling, but that's not why you'd choose this spot. If you're looking for a solid place to stay in Laurinburg NC, on a budget, with easy access to attractions (and some surprisingly fun ones, like the Rockingham Dragway!), this is a great option.

The Pros (Let's Get to the Good Stuff):

  • Seriously kind to your wallet – ideal for those seeking cheap hotels in Laurinburg NC.
  • Fantastic location for exploring the town and surrounding area.
  • Your furry friends are welcome! No need to search for pet-friendly hotels in Laurinburg NC.
  • Can't beat that free Wi-Fi, especially for digital nomads like me.
  • The pool and fitness center are lifesavers for road trip sanity.
  • Don't underestimate the breakfast spread – those cinnamon rolls are a dangerous delight.

The Cons (Keeping It Real):

  • The area's a bit rough around the edges.
  • If you're a Sunday foodie, you might have to hunt for a decent meal nearby.

My Verdict: This ain't no five-star resort (and doesn't pretend to be), but if you're looking for a comfortable, convenient, and genuinely budget-friendly stay in Laurinburg, the Holiday Inn Express gets the job done with a smile. And hey, sometimes, that's all you need when you're out exploring!

2.1. Distance from Holiday Inn Express & Suites Laurinburg, an IHG Hotel To Tourist Attractions

No.DestinationDistance from Comfort Inn (miles)Travel Time by Car (minutes)
1John Blue House1.5 miles3 min
2St. Andrews University Equestrian Center4.0 miles6 min
3Lumber River State Park46.8 miles50 min
4North Carolina Rural Heritage Center1.5 miles3 min
5Weymouth Woods – Sandhills Nature Preserve30.5 miles37 min
6Lake Paul Wallace18.1 miles26 min
7Deercroft Golf Club15.0 miles18 min

2.2. Holiday Inn Express & Suites Laurinburg, an IHG Hotel rules

Check-in: From 3:00 PM

3 PM is the standard, but let's be honest, who actually waits patiently when they're buzzing with vacation excitement? I know I always arrive a tad early, just to see if my room might be ready. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't – but a friendly smile at the front desk can't hurt, right?

Identification and Payment

This is how they officially welcome you into the hotel's system! Think of your ID as your “VIP pass” and your credit card as your promise to pay for all those mini-bar snacks you'll inevitably devour.

Check-out: Until 11:00 AM

11 AM isn't a bad check-out time, gives you a chance to sleep in or squeeze in one last dip in the pool. Just make sure those alarms are set loud and clear – you don't want to get slapped with a surprise late check-out fee!


The part everyone skips over, but seriously folks, READ THIS SECTION! Hotel policies can be as twisty as a mountain road, so make sure you know what you're getting into before you book. It'll save you headaches (and heartaches for your wallet) if plans suddenly change.

Age Restriction: Check-in Age is 21

Just a heads up for those planning a wild getaway – you'll need to be 21 to check into this hotel. Think of it as a rite of passage – hotel stays and figuring out what “prepayment” means are both signs of adulting.

Pets: Allowed on Request (Maybe with a Fee)

Great news for pet parents! This hotel seems to understand our furry friends are part of the family. Just be prepared they might charge a bit extra – those deep-cleaning sessions for pet rooms are no joke!

Cards Accepted at this Hotel

No need to hunt for an ATM – this hotel takes all the major credit cards. Just make sure yours has enough space for all those amazing souvenirs you're bound to find!

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2.3. Holiday Inn Express & Suites Laurinburg, an IHG Hotel Contact Information


Address: 400 Plaza Drive, Laurinburg, NC

Tel: +19102913300

Website: Holiday Inn Express & Suites Laurinburg, an IHG Hotel

3. Comfort Inn

Sometimes, when you're searching for cheap hotels in Laurinburg NC, you stumble upon a place like the Comfort Inn – affordable, surprisingly decent, but as the reviews show, a bit of a mixed bag!


While a little off the beaten path (perfect for quiet nights!), the Comfort Inn is ideal for visiting St. Andrews University or the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. If you want to explore Laurinburg's Scottish heritage or hit up local spots like the Lumber River, you'll probably want your own car.

Comfort Inn Laurinburg
Comfort Inn Laurinburg

The Rooms: Basic, but Some Need a Refresh

The rooms themselves are functional with essentials like a coffee maker and TV (a must!). Some are a bit dated, but they do the job. Guests seem split on the ongoing renovations – it's luck of the draw which zone you land in. Free Wi-Fi? Check! Essential for any traveler.

The Staff: A Saving Grace

Here's where things get interesting. Despite the inconsistent room experiences, the staff gets consistent praise. As one guest said, “The front desk people were so helpful and nice…they genuinely seemed concerned about if we got our problem fixed.” That friendly vibe counts for a lot!

Pros (Let's Talk Positives):

  • Seriously Affordable: Great if you're focused on budget hotels in Laurinburg NC.
  • Super convenient for university visits – Perfect for families or prospective students.
  • Free Wi-Fi – We travelers live and die by the Wi-Fi!
  • Pet-friendly – No need to hunt down pet-friendly hotels in Laurinburg NC!
  • Amazing Staff – They make up for some of the hotel's quirks.

Cons (Gotta Keep it Real):

  • Location isn't walkable – Be prepared to drive for most things.
  • Rooms are a mixed bag – Luck of the renovation draw, it seems.
  • Limited breakfast – The “bag breakfast” is a common complaint.
  • Signs of wear and tear – Some maintenance issues are reported.

My Take: If budget and basics are your priority, the Comfort Inn Laurinburg could work. The staff really makes this place shine. Just don't expect modern luxury, and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Would I Stay Again? Maybe in a pinch. If I'm just crashing for the night on a road trip, the price point and friendly staff make it tempting. But if I want a consistently updated, comfortable experience, I'd probably explore other options among cheap hotels in Laurinburg NC.

3.1. Distance from Comfort Inn To Tourist Attractions

No.DestinationDistance from Comfort Inn (miles)Travel Time by Car (minutes)
1John Blue House1.5 miles4 min
2St. Andrews University Equestrian Center3.4 miles5 min
3Lumber River State Park47.4 miles51 min
4North Carolina Rural Heritage Center1.5 miles4 min
5Weymouth Woods – Sandhills Nature Preserve30.9 miles38 min
6Lake Paul Wallace17.5 miles24 min
7Deercroft Golf Club15.4 miles20 min

3.2. Comfort Inn rules

  • Check-in: Get settled in starting at 3:00 PM. If you happen to arrive early, it never hurts to ask if your room is ready. You might get lucky!
  • Check-out: Time to pack up those beach towels by 12:00 PM (noon). Need a bit of extra time? Chat with the front desk to see if a late check-out is possible.
  • Contact Info: Questions or need something special arranged? Give them a ring at (910) 504-3325 or send a fax (whoa, a little retro!) to (910) 277-7229.
  • Breathe Easy: This hotel is 100% smoke-free – yay for fresh air!
  • Fuel Up: Start your day off right with a free hot breakfast – score!
  • Furry Friends: Sadly, this hotel isn't pet-friendly. Time to find a great pet sitter for your bestie.
  • Kiddos Welcome: The little ones stay for free, but they need to be 18 or under. Family vacation time!
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3.3. Comfort Inn Contact Information


Address: 1699 US-401, Laurinburg, NC

Tel: +19105043325

Website: Comfort Inn

4. Quality Inn

Listen, sometimes you just need a place to crash when you're passing through Laurinburg, NC – a clean bed, maybe a continental breakfast with those questionable little sausages, and a price tag that doesn't make your wallet cry. That's where the Quality Inn might come in clutch, especially if you're searching for cheap hotels in Laurinburg NC.

Quality Inn Laurinburg
Quality Inn Laurinburg

Why the Quality Inn Might Be Your Jam (Or Maybe Not)

Here's the honest truth from someone who's braved it a few times:

  • The Rooms: Listen, if you get a good one, they're fine. Not fancy, but clean and comfy enough. But, and it's a big but, it's like playing room roulette. Some smell like your grandpa's old ashtray, some have a funky bathroom situation… it's an adventure!
  • Location, Location, Location: Right off the highway, close to St. Andrews University if you're visiting – convenient for those looking for places to stay in Laurinburg NC.
  • The Staff: Mostly super nice and helpful. Bless them for putting up with whatever weirdness us travelers throw their way.
  • The Extras: The pool's seen better days, but hey, it's water. They've got the standard fitness center if you're feeling ambitious, free WiFi (bless), and that classic continental breakfast spread. And they'll let Fido tag along, which makes it one of the pet-friendly hotels in Laurinburg NC – a bonus in my book.

The Real Deal: What Other Guests Are Saying

Okay, let's get to the juicy part – the unfiltered guest reviews:

  • “Loved the quiet, but then I saw something scurry under the bed… was it a mouse? A giant cockroach? My imagination is still running wild.”
  • “The staff were lifesavers when my keycard revolted at 3 am. Turns out, sometimes those keycards just need some tough love.”
  • “Look, the bathroom wasn't the Ritz, but it was clean enough. And the staff was so sweet, it made up for the funky shower curtain.”

My Honest Opinion

The Quality Inn is the definition of “you get what you pay for.” It's a solid budget basecamp for exploring Laurinburg if you're not fussy and specifically looking for cheap hotels in Laurinburg NC. But, if a pristine hotel room is your non-negotiable, you might wanna check out those other motels in Laurinburg or even a charming bed and breakfast in Laurinburg NC.

Tips From a Seasoned ‘Budget Traveler'

  • Recent Reviews Are Your BFF: Don't book until you stalk those recent reviews! They'll give you the real scoop on which rooms to avoid.
  • Phone a Friend: Yep, literally call the hotel. Ask if they've got a quieter room tucked away, maybe one that's been freshly renovated.
  • Keep Your Expectations in Check: Remember, this ain't the Four Seasons. If you go in expecting a quirky stay with a side of character, you might be pleasantly surprised!

4.1. Distance from Quality Inn To Tourist Attractions

No.DestinationDistance from Comfort Inn (miles)Travel Time by Car (minutes)
1John Blue House26.2 miles28 min
2St. Andrews University Equestrian Center31.4 miles33 min
3Lumber River State Park71.0 miles1 hr 13 min
4North Carolina Rural Heritage Center26.2 miles28 min
5Weymouth Woods – Sandhills Nature Preserve31.0 miles39 min
6Lake Paul Wallace26.5 miles29 min
7Deercroft Golf Club28.9 miles37 min

4.2. Quality Inn rules

  • Timing is Everything: Roll in anytime from 3:00 PM to midnight – perfect if your flight gets delayed or you had one too many margaritas at the last beach bar. Just remember to flash your ID and credit card, the keys to your cozy getaway!
  • Beat the Checkout Rush: 11:00 AM checkout might seem early, but hey, more time to explore! Set those alarms so you're not scrambling to pack with the housekeeping staff politely waiting at the door.
  • The Cancellation Lowdown: Plans change, it happens! Before you book, read the fine print on the hotel's cancellation policy. Some are flexible, others… not so much.
  • Damage Deposit – No Worries: Think of this as the hotel just saying “trust you'll be cool.” No wild parties, and that $150 deposit is back in your account in about two weeks, ka-ching!
  • Age Matters (At Check-In): Most hotels want you to be 21 or older. Save those epic spring break plans for when you're legal, or you'll be crashing on the beach instead of in that plush hotel bed.
  • Pets Welcome? Lots of hotels are pet-friendly, but double-check before you bring Fido. There might be a fee, so budget accordingly for those doggy treats.
  • Plastic Power: Most hotels love those major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, etc.). But if you're feeling fancy with an Amex or Discover, just give the hotel a quick ring to confirm.
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4.3. Quality Inn Contact Information


Address: 14 Jameson Inn Ct, Laurinburg, NC

Tel: +19102770080

Website: Quality Inn

5. Conclusion About Cheap Hotels In Laurinburg Nc

Wrapping up our lightning-fast tour of Laurinburg, North Carolina, let me tell you, it’s been quite the adventure uncovering all these cheap hotels in Laurinburg NC that don't sacrifice on comfort. Who said you needed to blow the dough to experience a bit of North Carolina charm?

Let’s be real—traveling on a budget usually means you either get a haunted house or a closet. But not in Laurinburg! Here, Elitrawo found places where you get fresh cookies at the desk and staff who'll guide you to the best local eats and beats—without the scary prices.

Seriously, on my last trip, I was so chuffed to get such a steal that I splurged on an extra serving of Laurinburg's famous barbecue and still came out ahead budget-wise.

Booking early is the golden rule I swear by—it’s like a magic spell for up to 50% off. With those kinds of savings, you can dive deeper into Laurinburg’s rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes without ever feeling your wallet wince.

So, seize the opportunity to experience the enchanting beauty of Laurinburg without fretting over your finances. Get cracking on your travel plans today and snag a room at one of these cheap hotels in Laurinburg NC to savor the genuine delights of this North Carolinian gem in comfort and style.

Early Booking Benefit
Early Booking Benefit

Ready to book your adventure? Check out these links to secure a spot:

  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites Laurinburg, an IHG Hotel: Click here
  • Comfort Inn: Updating
  • Quality Inn: Click here

If this guide helps you in your quest for wallet-friendly accommodation in Laurinburg, don't be shy—share it with your fellow travelers, friends, and family planning a trip to this enchanting city. Dive into our blog for more savvy travel tips designed to maximize your adventures without maxing out your credit cards.

Remember, crafting an unforgettable travel experience doesn’t have to drain your bank account. With a little savvy planning, strategic booking, and the insights from this article, you can unlock a world of affordable accommodations in Laurinburg.

Focus on what truly matters: creating cherished memories, discovering hidden gems, and immersing yourself in the true spirit of this North Carolina jewel. Thanks for reading!

We truly appreciate your time exploring our post on cheap hotels in Laurinburg NC. Got a question or need further assistance? Drop a comment below. We're always here to help!

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