Farley C – Founder of Elitrawo Blog

Welcome to the dynamic world of Farley C, the passionate founder of Elitrawo Blog. Born Ngô Toàn Vinh, this 26-year-old visionary from Vietnam has turned his deep-seated love for adventure into a vibrant online platform that guides and inspires travelers worldwide.

Farley C

Journey and Inspiration:

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  • Early Passion: Farley C‘s love for travel and photography was ignited by the picturesque landscapes of Vietnam. Armed with a Nikon D7200, he began capturing images during his student days.
  • Travel Extent: He traveled extensively from Da Nang to Hue, Quang Nam, Ly Son Island, Binh Dinh, Phu Yen, and Khanh Hoa. His travels spanned from 2018 to 2019.
  • Achievements:
    • Portfolio Development: His travels significantly enriched his portfolio with breathtaking landscapes.
    • Award Recognition: Earned second place in a travel video contest organized by the College of Information Technology at the University of Da Nang, highlighting his emerging talent in capturing and presenting travel experiences. You can watch that contest video here.

Professional Development:

  • Initial Career Steps: After graduating in June 2019, Farley C secured a position in Marketing at Van Hong Thanh Joint Stock Company in August 2019. This role demanded extensive travel across the Central and Highland regions of Vietnam as well as trips to Laos.
  • Role Impact: These journeys were integral to Farley C’s professional development, enhancing his geographical and cultural understanding, and fueling his passion for travel and exploration.
  • Experience and Expertise: Throughout his tenure until March 2022, Farley C’s experiences laid a solid foundation for his deep expertise in the travel domain, contributing significantly to his knowledge and future endeavors in travel blogging.
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Academic Pursuits and Skills Enhancement:

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  • Advanced Studies: In September 2021, while still employed, Farley C commenced an advanced program in Digital Marketing at the Vietnam–Korea University of Information Technology and Communication Technology.
  • Balancing Act: He managed to balance his professional responsibilities with his online studies until March 2022, when he resigned to dedicate himself full-time to his education.
  • Skill Development: This educational pursuit greatly enhanced his digital marketing, graphic design, and website development skills, which directly impacted the growth and reach of his blog, Elitrawo.

Elitrawo Blog – A Gateway to Global Travel:

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  • Blog Overview: Elitrawo.com is not just a travel blog but a comprehensive resource that offers meticulously curated travel guides and honest hotel reviews.
  • Research and Personal Experience: Reviews and guides are based on Farley C’s personal experiences complemented by detailed research, incorporating feedback from platforms like Google Reviews, Tripadvisor, and Booking.com.
  • Mission: Farley C’s mission with Elitrawo is to simplify travel by providing reliable information and recommending budget-friendly accommodations, thus making travel accessible and enjoyable for a wide audience.

Personal Mission and Future Goals:

  • Demystifying Travel: Farley C is driven by a mission to demystify travel experiences, aiming to alleviate travel-related anxiety through comprehensive, reassuring content.
  • Unique Positioning: With robust content writing skills from his internship at Tuan Nguyen Travel and seasoned experience from his time at Van Hong Thanh Joint Stock Company, Farley C possesses a unique blend of skills that enable him to enhance the travel experiences of his blog’s readers.
  • Future Aspirations: Farley C aims to continue growing his blog and expanding its influence, helping more travelers explore the world with confidence and ease.

Connect with Farley C:

Engage with Farley C through his Facebook and Instagram to follow his continuous journey of discovery and inspiration. Whether you’re looking for travel tips, vibrant narratives, or reliable hotel reviews, Elitrawo is your ultimate portal to enriched travel experiences.

Join Farley C as he continues to explore, document, and share the beauty and diversity of our world through Elitrawo Blog, where every traveler finds a starting point for their next adventure.