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1. Overview of Cheap hotels in Lake Worth FL

Cheap hotels in Lake Worth FL
Cheap hotels in Lake Worth FL

Cheap hotels in Lake Worth FL—let's dive into the sunny side without drying up our funds. Last time Elitrawo was in Lake Worth, Elitrawo found a quaint little hotel that was as colorful as the town itself, nestled just a skip away from the beach. Each morning was a quick flip-flop walk to the ocean. Our reviews will help you find your own budget-friendly paradise, complete with pros and cons because let's face it, no place is perfect, but some are just right for the right price.

A word to the wise: lock down your lodging early. Picture this—booking a month in advance could mean more cash for those beachside margaritas. Leave it to the last minute, and you might as well be tossing coins into the fountain of forgotten savings. And yes, there’s a link right below each review. Click it to check rates faster than you can say “sunscreen” and plan that sunny getaway with confidence.

Don't see quite what you fancy? Hang tight. I'm always scouting for more Cheap hotels in Lake Worth FL that hit the sweet spot between cost and comfort.

2. Mango Inn Bed and Breakfast

Tucked in a cozy nook of Lake Worth, the Mango Inn Bed and Breakfast offers a unique blend of history and comfort, far beyond what you might expect from cheap hotels in Lake Worth FL. This place isn't just a spot to lay your head—it's a full-fledged retreat into a more graceful era, all the while ensconced in the comforts of the 21st century.

Mango Inn Bed and Breakfast
Mango Inn Bed and Breakfast

Location and Luxuries—Why Mango Inn?

Imagine waking up in a building from 1915, where every creak of the wood and whisper of the wind tells a story. That's Mango Inn for you. It’s not just an inn, it’s a gateway to the past, situated just a breezy walk from Lake Worth Beach and the colorful buzz of downtown. For those seeking inexpensive lodging in Lake Worth FL, it’s a no-brainer. Why choose between charm and convenience when Mango Inn delivers both?

Each morning, breakfast here isn't just a meal; it's an event. Served on a veranda with views of a pool that sparkles like a diamond in the Florida sun, it's a feast that’ll have you skipping the snooze button. The Pineapple suite, with its lavish decor and plush amenities, is just the cherry on top of this delightful experience.

Real People, Real Stories:

Last summer, I had the pleasure of staying at the Mango Inn, and boy, did it live up to the hype! The location was perfect for a lazy stroll to the beach or a quick jaunt into town for some window-shopping. The rooms? Spotless. The vibe? As relaxing as a hammock swing under a shady palm.

What Makes the Mango Inn Shine?

  • Heartfelt Hospitality: At Mango Inn, Jeff, Randy, and even Bobby the cat don't just run an inn; they make you feel like part of the family. It’s something rarely seen in cheap motels in Lake Worth.
  • Pristine and Pretty: If cleanliness is next to godliness, then Mango Inn is the heavenly realm. Every nook and cranny is kept in immaculate condition, setting a standard that many budget hotels in Lake Worth FL would struggle to meet.

A Few Areas to Spruce Up:

  • Snug as a Bug: The charm of an old inn comes with its quirks. Some guests find the rooms quaint but a tad tight. A few luxe touches here and there—like richer linens and premium toiletries—might just elevate the experience from great to sublime.
  • The Devil’s in the Details: Occasionally, guests run into minor snags like a stubborn door code or a capricious AC unit. Keeping these small issues in check is crucial for ensuring a seamless stay.

Final Takeaway:

The Mango Inn Bed and Breakfast is not merely a place among cheap places to stay in Lake Worth FL; it's a slice of paradise that offers a rich blend of historical allure and modern comfort. Whether popping in for a quick escape or settling in for a leisurely holiday, Mango Inn wraps you in a warm, welcoming embrace that’s hard to forget.

So, if your travels bring you to Lake Worth and you're sifting through value hotels in Lake Worth FL, consider a stay at the Mango Inn. It’s more than just a bed and breakfast—it’s an experience that will make you want to return, time and again. It’s the hidden gem among Lake Worth FL budget stays, a must-visit for anyone who cherishes both history and comfort.

2.1. Distance from Mango Inn Bed and Breakfast To Tourist Attractions

No.DestinationDistance from Mango Inn Bed and Breakfast (miles)Travel Time by Car (minutes)
1Lake Worth Beach Park1.0 mile4 min
2Lake Worth Playhouse0.6 mile3 min
3Snook Islands Natural Area1.3 miles4 min
4Bryant Park @ Lake Worth Lagoon1.5 miles6 min
5Palm Beach International Airport (PBI)7.8 miles13 min
6Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL)43.7 miles46 min
7Lake Worth Station (Tri-Rail)1.5 miles6 min
8West Palm Beach Station8.7 miles15 min

2.2. Mango Inn Bed and Breakfast rules


  • Timing: You can check in anytime from 13:00 to 21:00. It’s a pretty sweet window, giving you plenty of time to arrive without rush.
  • What to Bring: Don’t forget your photo ID and credit card. It’s like the secret handshake to get into the club—necessary and totally standard.


  • Deadline: You've got until 11:00 to check out. That’s just enough time for a slow morning and one last cup of coffee in bed.


  • The Fine Print: Cancellation and prepayment policies vary depending on what type of room you snag. It’s worth a peek at the specific conditions for your booking choice to avoid any surprises.

Children and Beds

  • Age Matters: Kids over 14 are welcome here, so it’s more teen-friendly than tot-tolerant. Anyone aged 18 and up is considered an adult and will be charged accordingly.
  • Adding Extras: The scoop on extra beds—they depend on your room choice, so check that when booking. Remember, no cots are available, and extra beds are a matter of availability.

Age Restriction

  • Adulting Required: You need to be at least 21 to check in. It’s like that first taste of adulthood, but with less responsibility and more room service.

Payment Methods

  • Plastic Fantastic: They take all the major players here—Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. So, you’re all good to go whether you’re a points hoarder or just prefer swiping to cash.


  • No Pets Allowed: Leave your furry friends at home this time around. It's a pets-free zone, which means less barking and more relaxing.
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2.3. Mango Inn Bed and Breakfast Contact Information


Address: 128 N Lakeside Dr, Lake Worth Beach, FL

Tel: +15615336900

Website: Mango Inn Bed and Breakfast

3. Sabal Palm House Bed and Breakfast

If you're scouring for cheap hotels in Lake Worth FL, you might want to consider a charming alternative that blends comfort with local flair. Let me introduce you to Sabal Palm House Bed and Breakfast, a quaint inn nestled in Palm Beach County. This gem is just a stone's throw from pristine beaches, the alluring Intracoastal Waterway, and the vibrant downtown area of Lake Worth, FL. Downtown is a trove of antique shops, superb restaurants, ecotourism opportunities, and a regional theater that are sure to enchant.

Sabal Palm House Bed and Breakfast
Sabal Palm House Bed and Breakfast


  • Location: Perfectly positioned within walking distance to the beach and downtown.
  • Ambiance: Offers a cozy, romantic setting that stands out from typical motels in Lake Worth.
  • Personalized Service: Innkeepers like Jack, and staff members such as Sammy, are dedicated to making your stay memorable.
  • Unique Rooms: Each guest room is uniquely decorated with an artistic theme, featuring luxury linens and antique furnishings.
  • Amenities: Modern comforts include HDTV/DVDs, air conditioning, complimentary high-speed internet, and more.
  • Extra Perks: Enjoy beach essentials like towels, chairs, and umbrellas provided for beach outings.
  • Dining: Indulge in a complimentary, full hot breakfast served in a lovely dining room or a tropical courtyard.


  • Limited Accessibility: Note the absence of an elevator, which might be a concern for some guests.
  • Room Variability: Some guests found the beds a bit firm, although management is responsive to feedback and quick to make adjustments.
  • Limited Refreshments: On a busy day, the replenishment of towels and glasses might lag behind.

During my stay, the blend of antique charm with modern updates provided a refreshing break from the cookie-cutter hotel experience. The house is beautifully maintained, and the atmosphere is genuinely tranquil—an ideal setting for reading or relaxing to soft French jazz in the courtyard.

The personal touches really make Sabal Palm House stand out. Imagine starting your day with a homemade breakfast each morning, which is far from your typical continental fare. The offerings are hearty and delectable, ranging from baked goods to fresh fruit.

Yet, what truly sets Sabal Palm House apart are the experiences shared by fellow travelers. One guest recounted how they sat in the parlor, engaging with other guests over afternoon tea and freshly baked cookies. Another guest praised the innkeeper's helpfulness in sorting out a small reservation hiccup over the phone, proving the personalized service isn't just for show but a staple of the stay.

For those looking for budget hotels in Lake Worth FL or even motels in Lake Worth FL, consider the Sabal Palm House not just as a place to stay, but as a part of your travel experience. This B&B offers a unique, intimate alternative to larger, impersonal hotels, ensuring that each visit is not only comfortable but also memorable.

In summary, Sabal Palm House blends the appeal of an antique-filled retreat with the comforts of modern amenities, setting the stage for a uniquely enjoyable stay. Whether you're visiting for relaxation or exploring the local scene, this B&B promises a warm, inviting base with a touch of old Florida charm.

3.1. Distance from Sabal Palm House Bed and Breakfast To Tourist Attractions

No.DestinationDistance from Sabal Palm House Bed and Breakfast (miles)Travel Time by Car (minutes)
1Lake Worth Beach Park8.7 miles15 min
2Lake Worth Playhouse0.6 mile3 min
3Snook Islands Natural Area1.2 miles4 min
4Bryant Park @ Lake Worth Lagoon0.3 mile2 min
5Palm Beach International Airport (PBI)7.8 miles13 min
6Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL)43.7 miles46 min
7Lake Worth Station (Tri-Rail)1.5 miles6 min
8West Palm Beach Station8.7 miles15 min

3.2. Sabal Palm House Bed and Breakfast rules


  • Timing: You can check in any time between 15:00 and 18:00. It’s a bit of a narrow window, so if you’re the type who likes to cut it close, maybe set a reminder or two. Don't forget to bring a photo ID and a credit card—these are your tickets to get that key card.


  • Leaving: Your departure time is set for 11:00. That gives you a morning to enjoy a last leisurely breakfast or a final stroll around, soaking it all in before you bid farewell.


  • Policy Details: Just like choosing a meal from a menu, make sure to check the cancellation and prepayment policies as they can vary depending on the room type you select. It’s always good to know your options in case plans change.

Children and Beds

  • Children: In case you missed the memo, this is an adults-only destination. That’s right, no kids allowed, making it the perfect spot for a quiet retreat or a romantic getaway.
  • Beds: Need an extra bed? Unfortunately, this property doesn’t offer cots or extra beds, so what you see is what you get! Make sure it fits your needs when booking.

Age Restriction

  • Minimum Age: The check-in bar is set at 21 years old. It's like a club rule; you gotta be this tall (well, old) to ride.

Payment Methods

  • Accepted Cards: They keep it straightforward here with Mastercard and Visa accepted. So, no need to worry about packing a wad of cash unless you’re planning a movie-style money montage.


  • Smoking Policy: Keep those cigarettes tucked away because smoking isn’t allowed. It’s all about fresh air here!


  • Pet Policy: Love your furry friends? Sadly, they’ll have to sit this one out as pets are not allowed. It’s all part of keeping the place calm and serene for everyone.
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3.3. Sabal Palm House Bed and Breakfast Contact Information


Address: 109 N Golfview Rd, Lake Worth Beach, FL

Tel: +15615821090

Website: Sabal Palm House Bed and Breakfast

4. Capri Motel & Apartments

Exploring budget-friendly accommodations can often lead you to some hidden gems, much like the Capri Apartments in Lake Worth, FL. Situated at 911 N. Federal Highway, this community offers both charm and convenience, making it an appealing choice for those searching for cheap hotels in Lake Worth FL. Whether you're planning a short visit or an extended stay, here’s a detailed rundown of what to expect, leveraging the full set of keywords provided.

Capri Motel & Apartments
Capri Motel & Apartments


  • Strategic Location: Nestled in the Mango Groves neighborhood, Capri Apartments are ideally located. A mere 10-minute drive from Lake Worth Beach and The Square, it promises easy access to some of the area's top attractions. Additionally, the proximity to Palm Beach County Convention Center and Clematis Street adds to its appeal.
  • Comprehensive Amenities: Guests can enjoy a range of amenities including high-speed internet access, air conditioning, and essential kitchen appliances. The availability of on-site parking and smoke-free options further enhance the living experience.
  • Peaceful Atmosphere: The property boasts well-maintained grounds and a friendly community vibe. The pool area and surrounding gardens provide a tranquil setting ideal for relaxation.


  • Inconsistent Management: Some guests have noted variability in management’s responsiveness and pricing, which could be a deterrent for those looking for consistent service.
  • Limited Housekeeping: As noted, housekeeping services are on-demand, which might not suit everyone’s preference, especially for guests who value daily room servicing.

Personal Experience:

During my stay, I was struck by the property's quaint charm and the overall cleanliness of the apartments. The grounds are immaculately kept, and the pool area is inviting. However, the encounter with the management was a mixed bag—initially welcoming but later inconsistent in service and communication.

For those in search of cheap motels in Lake Worth FL, budget hotels in Lake Worth FL, or even Lake Worth extended stay hotels, Capri Apartments offer a balance of affordability and comfort. It’s a place where the advantages of a good location and decent amenities mostly outweigh the few drawbacks. This spot is especially recommended for those who appreciate historic settings with modern conveniences, all at a reasonable cost, making it a value option among Lake Worth FL budget stays and inexpensive lodging in Lake Worth FL.

4.1. Distance from Capri Motel & Apartments To Tourist Attractions

No.DestinationDistance from Capri Motel & Apartments (miles)Travel Time by Car (minutes)
1Lake Worth Beach Park1.8 miles6 min
2Lake Worth Playhouse1.0 mile4 min
3Snook Islands Natural Area2.1 miles6 min
4Bryant Park @ Lake Worth Lagoon1.1 miles4 min
5Palm Beach International Airport (PBI)6.8 miles10 min
6Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL)44.2 miles45 min
7Lake Worth Station (Tri-Rail)2.0 miles7 min
8West Palm Beach Station7.7 miles13 min

4.2. Capri Motel & Apartments rules


  • Time Slot: You've got from 15:00 to 18:00 to check in. Yes, that window is tighter than my jeans after Thanksgiving, so it's best to plan your travel accordingly. Maybe set a reminder or two because who wants to rush when you're supposed to be relaxing, right?
  • What You’ll Need: Pack your photo ID and credit card. Think of them as your golden tickets to relaxation—no magic spells needed, just good old-fashioned plastic and a smile.
  • Arrival Heads-Up: Be a dear and let the property know when you plan to arrive. A quick call or message can swing those doors wide open for you, making it feel like you’re arriving at a friend’s place, not just a temporary stay.


  • Morning Farewell: Check-out runs from 10:00 to 11:00. That’s just enough time to enjoy one last lazy breakfast or take a few moments to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything. Like that phone charger that always seems to want to stay behind!


  • Policies Vary: Got a change of plans? No problem—just remember that cancellation and prepayment policies can vary. It’s like picking a meal from a menu; always good to check the ingredients first to avoid any surprises.

Children and Beds

  • Who’s Welcome: Got kids over 5? Perfect, they’re more than welcome here. It’s ideal for families who no longer need to navigate nap times but still want some family fun.
  • Booking Details: To nail down the correct prices and occupancy info, add the ages and number of kids to your search. It’s like customizing your coffee order—everyone gets what they need!

Cot and Extra Bed Policies

  • Keep It Simple: Travel light, my friends—no cots or extra beds here. It’s all streamlined for ease, so pack what you need and enjoy the extra space for yoga or a mid-vacation dance-off.

Age Restriction

  • Adulting Required: The check-in age is firmly at 21. It’s the property’s way of saying, ‘Let’s keep things serene and adult-like, with all the tranquility of a spa day minus the cucumber slices.’


  • How to Pay: Booking through They take Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. Just remember, it’s cash only if you're not using the platform. Always good to keep some cash on hand for those old-school moments or a spontaneous ice cream run.


  • Breathe Easy: Keep those cigarettes packed away because this is a smoke-free zone. We’re all about that fresh air life here, ensuring everyone gets a breath of clean air.


  • Four-Legged Friends: Love your pets but leave them at home this time. It’s a no-pets party, ensuring everyone stays sneeze-free and happy.
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4.3. Capri Motel & Apartments Contact Information


Address: 911 N Federal Hwy, Lake Worth Beach, FL

Tel: +15615865829

5. Sunny Palms Inn

Nestled at 1700 S Federal Highway, Sunny Palms Inn offers a blend of comfort and convenience, making it a prime choice for those searching for cheap hotels in Lake Worth FL. This budget-friendly haven provides newly renovated rooms and suites equipped with large TVs, refrigerators, and microwaves. Select suites further boast full kitchens and expansive living areas, perfect for longer stays or family vacations.

Sunny Palms Inn
Sunny Palms Inn


  • Location: Just a stone's throw from West Palm Beach, downtown Lake Worth, and Lantana, the inn serves as an ideal base for exploring the vibrant local area. With the beach less than 5 minutes away and easy access to an array of restaurants, boutique shops, and art galleries, guests are never far from entertainment.
  • Amenities: The inn features around-the-clock access to a refreshing swimming pool, adding a splash of relaxation to your stay. The complimentary Wi-Fi ensures that guests can stay connected, whether for leisure or business purposes.
  • Hospitality: Known for its cleanliness and comfort, Sunny Palms Inn is committed to providing a peaceful sanctuary with plush beds. The staff, praised for their exceptional service, go above and beyond to ensure a memorable stay.


  • Proximity to Transport: While convenient for some, the nearby train track might be a nuisance to guests sensitive to noise, though traffic is minimal at night.
  • Maintenance: Some guests have noted that despite the modern renovations, there is room for improvement in maintaining the pristine condition of the facilities.

Personal Experience: During my stay, I was impressed by the warm, welcoming atmosphere set by the friendly staff from the moment I arrived. The owner, Ben, was exceptionally hospitable, making every effort to accommodate any needs. My room was not only spacious but also spotlessly clean, with charming decor that added a nice touch of home.

I spent delightful hours soaking up the sun by the pool—absolute perfection. The accessibility to Lake Worth Beach and various dining options within walking distance added to the convenience. The personal touches and the homely feel of the inn made it feel like a second home.

Sunny Palms Inn stands out as an excellent example of an affordable hotel in Lake Worth FL, where you don't have to compromise on quality for price. Whether you're visiting for leisure or business, it offers a solid base with a plethora of amenities that promise a comfortable and enjoyable stay. If you're looking for a cheap motel in Lake Worth that feels like a boutique hotel, look no further than Sunny Palms Inn. Don't just take my word for it—experience it yourself and enjoy what feels like a secret getaway right in the heart of Lake Worth!

5.1. Distance from Sunny Palms Inn To Tourist Attractions

No.DestinationDistance from Sunny Palms Inn (miles)Travel Time by Car (minutes)
1Lake Worth Beach Park2.5 miles7 min
2Lake Worth Playhouse1.7 miles5 min
3Snook Islands Natural Area2.9 miles8 min
4Bryant Park @ Lake Worth Lagoon1.7 miles5 min
5Palm Beach International Airport (PBI)8.9 miles13 min
6Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL)42.0 miles46 min
7Lake Worth Station (Tri-Rail)2.6 miles9 min
8West Palm Beach Station15 min9.8 miles

5.2. Sunny Palms Inn rules

Arrival and Departure Lowdown

So, planning to check into your home away from home? You can breeze into the hotel any time from 3:00 PM to just before the clock strikes midnight at 11:30 PM. Don't forget to flash your photo ID and credit card—it’s like the secret handshake for getting into your room.

As for waving goodbye, you've got from the witching hour at midnight till 11:00 AM to pack up your memories and check out.

Cancellation and Prepayment Scoop

Here’s where it gets a bit like picking the right hat for the weather—cancellation and prepayment policies change depending on which room you book. Make sure to squint at the fine print for your specific room choice when booking, so you don’t get any surprises!

Security Deposit Details

Heads up! The hotel will snag a refundable security deposit of 100 bucks about a week before you show up. It’s like a little trust pact—treat the room well, and you’ll get your money back no sweat.

Kiddos and Beds

All ages are welcome here, the more the merrier! Just make sure to let them know how many little feet will be pattering around the room when you book. A quick note: it’s a no-go for cots and extra beds, so pack your kiddo’s favorite sleeping bag if you're planning a family adventure.

Age Policy

You've gotta be 21 or older to check in—no ifs, ands, or buts. Think of it as the adulting threshold.

Pet Policy

Love your furry friends? Sadly, they’ll have to sit this one out, as pets aren’t allowed. Maybe next time, Fido!

How You Can Pay

When it’s time to settle the bill, the hotel takes plastic but leaves cash on the curb. They accept Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. So, you can keep your cash stashed for souvenirs!

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5.3. Sunny Palms Inn Contact Information


Address: 1700 S Federal Hwy, Lake Worth Beach, FL

Tel: +15615844764

Website: Sunny Palms Inn

6. Conclusion About Cheap hotels in Lake Worth FL

In order to provide you with an unbiased and comprehensive picture, we have researched and evaluated cheap hotels in Lake Worth FL, taking into account both positive and negative feedback from previous visitors.

I wish you and your family the best of luck in finding a suitable and reasonably priced place to stay. If you haven't checked the lodging prices or made a reservation yet, you should probably do so soon so you can get the greatest deal. Remember that you may save up to 50% on your lodging expenses, and that the majority of places allow you to cancel up to one day before to your reservation without paying any penalties. You should definitely make use of this.

Feel free to leave a comment or query below this page if you need any further information. I am eagerly anticipating your feedback and will be here to assist you in any way I can. Enjoy your journey!

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