Cheap Hotel Rooms In Fontana Ca: Find Lodging at 4 Affordable Options

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1. Overview of Cheap Hotel Rooms In Fontana Ca

Cheap Hotel Rooms In Fontana Ca
Cheap Hotel Rooms In Fontana Ca

Cheap Hotel Rooms in Fontana CA — Fontana, with its racing roots and vibrant community events, is a fantastic spot, and finding a cheap hotel room here is like hitting the jackpot on a slot machine. I once snagged a deal that was so good, it felt like winning a race.

Our reviews cover the essentials and extras, giving you the lowdown on where to save without missing out on the fun. Our distance table is perfect for gauging proximity to the Auto Club Speedway or local parks.

Book early and save—think of it as your pit stop strategy for the best rates. Use the links below each review to ensure you’re not spending more than you have to. And if you’re feeling like options are slim, just wait—I’m always looking to rev up our list of Cheap Hotel Rooms in Fontana CA with more great finds.

2. Ayres Hotel Rialto/Fontana

Nestled against the picturesque San Gabriel Mountains, Ayres Hotel Rialto is a sanctuary for both business and leisure travelers in the Inland Empire. Flaunting a design that mirrors the city's recent industrial bloom, this hotel combines modern chic with a cozy sense of community. Here’s an insightful peek into the Ayres Hotel Rialto Fontana, spotlighting the benefits and a few areas ripe for improvement, particularly focusing on cheap hotel rooms in Fontana CA.

Ayres Hotel RialtoFontana
Ayres Hotel RialtoFontana


  • Scenic Views and Comfort: Each of the 135 guestrooms offers breathtaking mountain views, providing a serene backdrop for your stay. These rooms are not just about aesthetics; they come packed with modern amenities, ensuring both comfort and functionality for every guest.
  • Leisure and Facilities: Imagine unwinding in a heated outdoor pool or a spa nestled next to a picturesque garden courtyard after a bustling day. Perfect for relaxation, and for those who prefer a nightcap, the on-site Railway Lounge offers a cozy spot to sip a beer or a cocktail.
  • Event and Business Ready: The hotel boasts over 3,750 sq. ft. of event space, making it an ideal venue for business meetings and special events. For those seeking cheap hotel rooms in Fontana CA that do not compromise on quality, Ayres Hotel Rialto offers a stellar mix of luxury and practical affordability.


  • Security Concerns: Despite generally providing a secure stay, there have been incidents such as the theft of a catalytic converter due to insufficiently placed security cameras. This highlights a need for bolstering security, particularly around the parking lot.
  • Noise and Echoes: The stylish industrial theme of the rooms, while visually appealing, can sometimes lead to a bit of an echo and a chilly ambiance. This aspect might detract from the otherwise cozy atmosphere for some guests.

Situated in a prime location, Ayres Hotel Rialto stands out among affordable hotel rooms in Fontana CA. It offers easy access to local attractions, making it a favored choice for visitors exploring the Valley Forge Tourism destinations.

If you’re hunting for a stay that blends affordability with a sprinkle of luxury, Ayres Hotel Rialto should be at the top of your list. Known for their exceptional hospitality, the staff here make every effort to assist guests, turning potentially overwhelming situations into manageable, even delightful experiences.

In conclusion, when considering budget hotels in Fontana California, Ayres Hotel Rialto presents a compelling choice. It marries a prime location with superb facilities and has just a couple of areas that could use a little tweaking. Whether you're in town for a brief visit or a longer stay, Ayres Hotel Rialto ensures a memorable experience, setting the standard for cheap hotel rooms in Fontana CA that truly feel like a home away from home.

 2.1. Distance from Ayres Hotel Rialto/Fontana To Tourist Attractions

No.DestinationDistance from Ayres Hotel Rialto/Fontana (miles)Travel Time by Car (minutes)
1Auto Club Speedway10.1 miles19 min
2Fontana Park Aquatic Center4.9 miles12 min
3Mary Vagle Nature Center9.3 miles23 min
4Ontario International Airport (ONT)15.1 miles24 min
5San Bernardino International Airport (SBD)12.6 miles21 min
6Metrolink9.1 miles15 min
7Omnitrans6.6 miles14 min

2.2. Ayres Hotel Rialto/Fontana rules

Check-in: From 15:00
Ever noticed how hotel check-ins are never at the crack of dawn? That's because even hotels need their beauty sleep. Make sure you rock up anytime after 3 PM. Don't forget to bring your photo ID and credit card. It’s like going to a club, but instead of a bouncer, you’ve got the friendly receptionist.

Check-out: Until 12:00
The universal checkout time—noon. It’s like hotels collectively decided we should all feel like Cinderella, rushing out before our carriage turns back into a pumpkin!

Here's where it gets as tricky as explaining why you need that second piece of cake. Policies vary, so read the fine print like you're deciphering a treasure map. Whatever type of room you book, those cancellation and prepayment clauses could be as varied as your grandma’s quilt.

Refundable Damage Deposit
Ah, the good old damage deposit. Just when you're calculating how much holiday shopping money you have, the hotel zaps USD 150 right at check-in. But fear not! Play nice with the room, and you'll get it all back in cold, hard cash upon checkout, assuming you haven’t turned it into a scene from a rockstar’s afterparty.

No Age Restriction for Check-in
No ID checks for age here! Whether you're 18 or 80, you can check yourself in. Freedom, finally!

Bringing Fido? Pets can come too, but keep that wallet handy—there might be extra charges. It’s like saying, “Sure, your furry friend can stay, but it’ll cost ya!”

Accepted Payment Methods
Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express—bring any of those shiny cards. Just don’t bring cash; it’s like bringing a VHS tape to a Netflix party.

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2.3. Ayres Hotel Rialto/Fontana Contact Information


Address: 1495 W Renaissance Pkwy, Rialto, CA

Tel: +19093010203

Website: Ayres Hotel Rialto/Fontana

3. Comfort Inn Fontana

If you're hunting down Cheap Hotel Rooms In Fontana Ca, Comfort Inn Fontana could be your golden nugget! Nestled comfortably at 13500 Baseline Avenue, this haven combines penny-wise prices with the cozy feel of a home away from home.

Comfort Inn Fontana
Comfort Inn Fontana


  • Prime Location: Really, if you're coming to Fontana to catch some high-octane action at Auto Club Speedway or to swipe your card at Ontario Mills Shopping Mall, you couldn’t ask for a better spot. Cheap stays in Fontana CA? This hotel ticks all the boxes for location and convenience!
  • Cozy Quarters: Each room here is so snug, you might just mistake your bed for a cloud. Whether you're a smoker or prefer to keep it fresh, they've got you covered. Seriously, the beds are so darn comfy, you’d swear the Sandman chose them himself.
  • Top-Notch Amenities: No parking fees here, which means a little extra dough for those “wish you were here” postcards. And after a day of adventures, why not dissolve your cares in the stellar jacuzzi or do a few laps in the sparkling clean pool? If you’re feeling guilty about skipping your gym routine, hit their well-equipped fitness center.
  • Freebies Galore: Complimentary WiFi and breakfast on the house—because who doesn’t love freebies? Their legendary breakfast spread could probably convert a night owl into a morning person.


  • Bathroom Blues: The rooms hit the mark, but some bathrooms scream for a bit of sprucing up. They’re spotless, but a dash of modern flair would make them sparkle.
  • Hit or Miss Service: You'll meet some staff members who are as sunny as a California day, but occasionally, you might run into someone who’s more of a lone cloud on that sunny day. A bit more consistency would be the icing on the cake.

Why I’d Revisit Comfort Inn Fontana: Searching for budget hotels in Fontana California or affordable hotel rooms in Fontana CA? Look no further than Comfort Inn. The bang for your buck here is just incredible, with comfort and convenience that turn every penny into a well-spent dollar. Located just off I15, it's easy to find and serves as the perfect base camp. And oh, did I mention the pool? It’s a mini oasis in the bustling city.

To wrap it up, if you're in the market for a spot that perfectly balances cost with comfort, slap Comfort Inn Fontana right onto your shortlist. It’s more than just a spot to crash—it’s a place where you can unwind, recharge, and maybe even sneak in that extra piece of toast at breakfast. Remember, you’re on vacation—calories absolutely do not count!

3.1. Distance from Comfort Inn Fontana To Tourist Attractions

No.DestinationDistance from Comfort Inn Fontana (miles)Travel Time by Car (minutes)
1Auto Club Speedway3.9 miles11 min
2Fontana Park Aquatic Center5.6 miles10 min
3Mary Vagle Nature Center12.1 miles19 min
4Ontario International Airport (ONT)8.5 miles16 min
5San Bernardino International Airport (SBD)18.5 miles25 min
6Metrolink23.3 miles29 min
7Omnitrans13.2 miles19 min

3.2. Comfort Inn Fontana rules

Check-in kicks off at the bright and early hour of 3:00 PM. You'll need your photo ID and credit card handy—kinda like getting carded at a bar, but less fun because all you get is a room key instead of a cocktail.

Come check-out time at 11:00 AM, it’s your cue to say goodbye to your temporary home. It’s always a bit of a scramble, isn’t it? Trying to pack everything back into a suitcase that seems to have shrunk overnight.

The cancellation/prepayment spiel varies with the type of room you book. It’s like ordering a meal at a fancy restaurant; best to know what you’re committing to before the bill comes. Always check the fine print to avoid any ‘surprise’ charges that might pop up like unwanted plot twists.

Talking about charges, upon arrival, you’ll be asked for a refundable damage deposit of USD 150. This is just the hotel’s way of saying, “Please don’t turn your room into a wild jungle.” If everything’s in tip-top shape when you leave, you'll see that money back in your account within two weeks—just enough time to start missing your vacation.

Pets—sorry, Fido has to sit this one out, as they’re not allowed. Guess it's true what they say, “no more monkeys jumping on the bed,” applies to four-legged friends too!

Lastly, when it’s time to settle the bill, the hotel plays nice with cards. Whether you’re a Mastercard master, a Visa virtuoso, have a thing for Discover, dine with Diners Club, or express yourself with American Express, you’re all set.

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3.3. Comfort Inn Fontana Contact Information


Address: 13500 Baseline Ave, Fontana, CA

Tel: +19094635900

Website: Comfort Inn Fontana

4. Motel 6 Fontana, CA

On the hunt for Cheap Hotel Rooms In Fontana Ca? Let me tell you about Motel 6 Fontana CA. Tucked away just off I-10 at Sierra Avenue, this spot is more plugged into the local scene than a food truck at a festival. With a cluster of restaurants nearby and attractions like Riverside Aquarium and Pharaoh's Lost Kingdom a mere 12 miles away, it's a steal.

Motel 6 Fontana, CA
Motel 6 Fontana, CA


  • Prime Spot: This place is in the thick of it! Positioned across from Kaiser Hospital with a movie theater, Target, and gyms right next door, you're smack dab in the middle of convenience central.
  • Homey Touches: The free Wi-Fi isn’t just fast, it’s Usain Bolt fast, and the service? Imagine the friendliest wave from a neighbor—that’s the staff here. Among all the budget lodging options in Fontana California, Motel 6 shines with its squeaky clean rooms and easy access to, well, everything.


  • Sniff Test Failed: Despite its no-smoking policy, occasionally, Motel 6 Fontana forgets its own rules. You might wander into a room that’s hosting a reunion of cigarette ghosts, occasionally joined by the distinct aroma of marijuana. As for cleanliness? Well, let's just say it's a bit like roulette. Most days you're fine, but every now and then, you might discover a roach trying to bunk with you—no extra charge!
  • The Wild Side: It's not just the mattresses that have some bounce here—the local fauna (and I don't mean the squirrels) can add some unexpected spice to your stay. You could be treated to a midnight shout-fest or meet some characters who make you think you’re in a reality TV show. Big vehicle owners, beware: parking here can squeeze your rig into a spot tighter than a pair of skinny jeans. Some nights, you may feel like you're on night watch rather than vacation.
  • Unique Drawbacks:

Got a truck? The parking situation can be dicey. Despite cheerful assurances that ‘Sure, you can park here', some guests have found their trucks relocated by a tow truck with alarming efficiency, sometimes quicker than you can blink.

Why Motel 6 Fontana?

Looking for a no-frills shelter on your road trip or a handy base for local adventures? This motel is your spot. Celebrated as one of the top budget hotels in Fontana, it marries affordability with straightforward convenience perfectly.

Overall Experience:

Motel 6 Fontana isn’t the Ritz—and it doesn’t try to be. If it were, you probably wouldn’t be scouting for Cheap Hotel Rooms In Fontana Ca, right? What it lacks in luxury, it makes up for in character and location.

It’s your typical freeway exit motel: bustling but surprisingly snug, with less hubbub than you’d think. Ideal for those in pursuit of Fontana CA cheap accommodation who can overlook a few quirks in exchange for a solid night’s sleep and prime accessibility. Whether you’re in town for work or just chilling, this place promises a cheap stay in Fontana CA with minimal fuss—unless you count those parking adventures, which could rival a sitcom episode!

4.1. Distance from Motel 6 Fontana, CA To Tourist Attractions

No.DestinationDistance from Motel 6 Fontana, CA (miles)Travel Time by Car (minutes)
1Auto Club Speedway4.2 miles12 min
2Fontana Park Aquatic Center7.3 miles20 min
3Mary Vagle Nature Center2.7 miles8 min
4Ontario International Airport (ONT)9.3 miles16 min
5San Bernardino International Airport (SBD)14.0 miles21 min
6Metrolink11.5 miles17 min
7Omnitrans9.9 miles18 min

4.2. Motel 6 Fontana, CA rules

Check-in Fun Facts:

Got your bags packed? Check-in time kicks off at 3 PM sharp. Just a heads up, you'll need to flash a photo ID and your credit card upon arrival. It’s like a mini welcome ritual—makes you feel all official and stuff!

Waving Goodbye:

Check-out rolls around by 11 AM. Yes, the morning escape! Gives you just enough time to sip that last cup of coffee in bed.

The Nitty-Gritty on Cancellations and Prepayments:

The rules here are like the weather, they change depending on where you’re staying. Make sure to peek at the specific conditions for your chosen accommodation when booking—no surprises are the best kind!

About That Refundable Damage Deposit:

Upon arrival, you’ll need to shell out a damage deposit of USD 60. This little safety net is collected in cash but worry not, you’ll get it back at check-out. Just make sure the room is as tidy as you found it, and you’ll leave with your pockets as full as when you came.

Check-in, Age-Style:

Here’s some good news—there’s no age limit for checking in. Whether you're 18 or 80, you're good to go.

Pet Policy:

Pets? They’re not just allowed; they’re VIPs that stay free of charge. No sneaky extra fees here. Just bring your furry friend along and enjoy the trip together.

How You Can Pay:

This place runs a tight ship with accepted payment methods. They take Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Just a heads up: cash doesn’t fly here, so keep that wallet full of cards instead.

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4.3. Motel 6 Fontana, CA Contact Information


Address: 10195 Sierra Ave., Fontana, CA

Tel: +19098238686

Website: Motel 6 Fontana, CA

5. Americas Best Value Inn & Suites Fontana

When you're on the lookout for Cheap Hotel Rooms In Fontana Ca, you’ll want to check out Americas Best Value Inn & Suites in Fontana. Swing by Americas Best Value Inn & Suites of Fontana, a true diamond in the rough nestled right in the bustling business district of Fontana. Just a hop, skip, and a jump from Ontario International Airport, this inn dishes out all the homey vibes without causing your wallet to flinch.

Americas Best Value Inn & Suites Fontana
Americas Best Value Inn & Suites Fontana


  • Convenience is King: Perched within a stone’s throw of three major shopping centers, a variety of restaurants, and a mega cinema, this place has your back whether you need a quick bite, a shopping spree, or just a night out watching the latest blockbuster.
  • Home Away From Home: Kick back in rooms decked out with all the essentials—mini-fridge, microwave, and a 42-inch LG Flat Screen TV. Oh, and did I mention free local calls? It’s like they’ve thought of everything!
  • Freebies on the House: High-speed internet that doesn’t lag, a continental breakfast that’ll have you jumping out of bed, and parking that doesn’t cost a dime. They really roll out the red carpet here!


  • A Few Bumps in the Road: While most rooms are the epitome of cleanliness, some have been gatecrashed by bedbugs and lingering cigarette smells, a bit of a party pooper if you’re a non-smoker. And while the staff generally beams with helpfulness, there have been moments where the service didn’t quite hit the mark.

Unique Challenges:

  • Got a bit of a tangle with the housekeeping staff now and then. It seems Gabriella, our spirited cleaning lady, may give you the stink eye if she spots a pillow out of place. A heads up for the messy among us!

Location Highlights:

  • Explore Galore: With the California Motor Speedway, Ontario Mills Mall, and Ontario Convention Center within easy reach, it’s a breeze to dive into the local scene.
  • Adventures Await: Fancy a magical day at Disneyland or a mountain escape to Big Bear Lake? At just 33 and 60 miles away respectively, your perfect day trip is closer than you think.

Why Americas Best Value Inn & Suites-Fontana? It shines among budget hotels in Fontana California, not just for its wallet-friendly rates but for its prime location and solid amenities. Whether you’re in town for work or play, this inn makes sure your stay is packed with convenience and comfort, minus any fuss.

Overall Experience: Americas Best Value Inn & Suites-Fontana isn’t about swanky luxury; it’s about practicality and ease. Looking for an economical hotel in Fontana that delivers a comfy night's sleep, easy peasy local access, and essential perks like blazing-fast wifi and hearty breakfasts?

This place checks all the boxes. Ideal for those scouting for value hotels in Fontana or just a cozy, cheap stay in Fontana CA. Run into any snags? The amiable front desk staff are on hand to smooth things over—just try to keep your room tidy if Gabriella’s on duty, or you might just get more than you bargained for!

5.1. Distance from Americas Best Value Inn & Suites Fontana To Tourist Attractions

No.DestinationDistance from Americas Best Value Inn & Suites Fontana (miles)Travel Time by Car (minutes)
1Auto Club Speedway3.9 miles11 min
2Fontana Park Aquatic Center7.0 miles18 min
3Mary Vagle Nature Center2.4 miles7 min
4Ontario International Airport (ONT)8.7 miles16 min
5San Bernardino International Airport (SBD)13.9 miles21 min
6Metrolink11.3 miles17 min
7Omnitrans9.7 miles18 min

5.2. Americas Best Value Inn & Suites Fontana rules

Check-In Details:

  • Time to Land: Check-in starts rolling at 2:00 PM. Make sure to have your photo ID and credit card handy—it's your ticket in!

Check-Out Procedure:

  • Time to Take Off: You've got until 11:00 AM to pack up and wave goodbye. Plan your morning accordingly to enjoy a stress-free departure.

Cancellation and Prepayment Specifics:

  • Flexible Planning: Just like choosing the right playlist, cancellation and prepayment terms vary by accommodation type. Peek at your specific booking details to avoid any surprises.

Refundable Damage Deposit:

  • Security on Arrival: A damage deposit of USD 150 is collected via credit card at check-in. Treat your room well and you’ll see this deposit back on your card within 7 days of check-out, assuming no damage is found.

Pet Policy:

  • No Pets Allowed: Sadly, it's a no-go for pets at this hotel.

Accepted Payment Methods:

  • Cards Only: This hotel welcomes payments via Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Keep those cards ready for all charges during your stay.

Remember, all cots and extra beds are subject to availability, so it’s a good idea to arrange these details in advance to ensure everything is set for your arrival. Whether you’re a solo adventurer or a family pack, double-checking your room’s capacity and specifics will help make sure your stay is comfortable and fitting for everyone involved.

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5.3. Americas Best Value Inn & Suites Fontana Contact Information


Address: 16780 Valley Blvd, Fontana, CA

Tel: +19093292900

Website: Americas Best Value Inn & Suites Fontana

6. Conclusion About Cheap Hotel Rooms In Fontana Ca

On the search for cheap hotel rooms in Fontana CA? You’ve arrived on the proper guide. After combing through numerous guest evaluations, from the top-notch to the not-so-great, I'm here to give a plain, thorough guide to snagging a budget-friendly stay in Fontana.

Finding a cheap lodging here shouldn’t be as tough as a desert trip. If you haven't looked at the hotel prices or secured your booking yet, now's the ideal moment.

Grab those bargains as if they were the last drop of water in the desert—you may just lower your hotel bills by up to 50%! And with many hotels allowing simple last-minute cancellations, you’re prepared for a worry-free booking experience.

Early Booking Benefit
Early Booking Benefit

Any queries or need extra information before you book? Drop a remark below. I’m glad to help with any extra information for a hassle-free travel!

Thanks for considering my recommendations on cheap hotel rooms in Fontana CA. Wondering about extra incentives during your stay? Feel free to ask right here.

Enjoy amenities including complimentary Wi-Fi, room service, and on-site laundry facilities. Also, don’t miss the special offers and early booking discounts that are typically available—it truly pays to book in advance.

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